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So, I have been on a few vacations these past few weekends and what I LOVE to do is scope out all the wonderful ACAI bowl options! I look up pressed juiceries wherever I visit and try to taste as many bowls as I can! I just love them!!!! Here are a few of my bowls that I discovered while visiting San Diego! Some were your typical acai bowl, and some were bowls I have never seen before! The flavors were all amazing and if I could live solely on bowls, I would! LOL!

San Diego Blenders

What I loved about this place were the different fruits they used in their bowl. I tried a Brazilian Acai Bowl which included watermelon, mangos, kiwi and pineapple! Not only on the top of the bowl, but mixed throughout the acai blend. Everything was from scratch, the fruit was ripe and full of flavor! It was quite a different experience that I would definitely try again! As far as location, not cute. It was in a run down shopping strip mall and it wasn’t the cleanest one I have ever been to!

I also ordered for my family the typical acai bowl which was called Acai Only bowl. This was the most unusual acai bowl I have ever seen or tasted. It was more like an ice cream texture than that of a typical acai bowl. It was like I was eating a dessert! IT was almost TOO sweet for me and my kids! And you got 3 scoops of the acai and then it was smothered with banana, strawberries, and blueberries! Needless to say my kids and husband devoured one each!


This is one of my ALL time favorite places to visit when down south! I feel like they are one of the best juiceries around! Their food is always fresh and all their ingredients are whole and clean. Their peanut butter come from Sprouts and they will show you all their ingredients upon request! I not only order acai bowls from here, but I also order their Toxic Flush to clean my system out in the morning as well as their Watermelon Mint for a tasty afternoon pick me up! One morning I ordered a Peanut Butter Acai bowl. This we lighter in color and had a robust peanut butter taste! It was different then a typical acai bowl and I thought it tasted great! I would probably not order it again because I like more of the fruitier flavor when devouring my bowls! But it was super yummy!!!! No complaints! As far as location, I visited two while in San Diego. One was in the Liberty Station which was SUPER clean and very effiecient! The other was the one downtown, not as clean and VERY slow!

The next visit to Nekter was a Banana Berry Acai bowl…mmmmm,mmmmm, good! I did devour it on the beach so maybe that’s why it tasted better than ever! They do top it off with Agave Nectar, but I always ask for my bowl without it! One thing that separates Nekter from other places is their Hemp Seed granola! Out of this world amazing!


Juice Crafters

WOW! This was a find while riding our bikes around Coronado Island…and what a find it was! We took a little break, I ordered a bowl to share (This was the most expensive bowl @13.75, but one of the largest for that price). I ordered the Protein Acai Bowl that inluded an Amazonian Acai with Guarana-which is a natuarl Energy Supplement, Vanilla Protein Powder, Almond Butter (which was scooped and placed right on top of it all!), and almonds, strawberries, bananas, and walnuts! My kids had more than I did, I was barely able to get a few bites in! But that just shows how yummy their bowl was. It was only 293 calories with 14 gms of sugar-all natural of course coming from the fruit! This bowl was different then all the rest because of the protein added to it-which I loved!!!! That kept you a bit fuller and you got some protein too!!! Location was AMAZING! You wanted to just sit and hang out all day and they were VERY clean and VERY fast!!!!

Our friends ordered the Brazilian Acai Bowl, equally yummy, equally devoured by both parties!

My kiddos eating MY bowl!


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