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Easy Holy Guacamole!

There are so many wonderful guacamole recipes out there on the web that it can get overwhelming! And most of the time when I think about making guac, I usually don’t have all the ingredients on hand! However, I always have these three items on hand which makes this recipe the easiest! I simply took two avocados and smashed them all up, added lime juice (I usually buy the bag at Costco and juice them all so they don’t go bad before I have to use them), salt, half a white onion, and that’s it! Nothing fancy here, but SO tasty I want to eat it all…and I did! You can add tomatoes, garlic, roasted corn, and so much more! But this is perfect for those lazy summer nights when all you want to eat is guac and some healthy chips…or veggies! Enjoy!

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