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Easy Roasted Zuchini

With summer here and all the beuatiful produce available in Fresno, I just love grilling me some veggies! However, when it’s 112 outside, I prefer to roast my veggies in the over-even though it heats up my house a bit-I would rather that then 112 degree sun beating down on me:). Last night with about 30 mins to prepare dinner before we had to hit the road running, I grabbed two zucchinis from the fridge and sliced them up. Poured a bit of OO (Oilive Oil)-not a lot! This is the difference beyween soggy veggies and crispier veggies-salt and pepper and done! Put them in the over for about 20 mins or so at 350 degrees. I like to broil them for a bit so they get browned on both sides! (Yes, this means flipping each one individually). But it’s worth the effort! No, my kids don’t always eat the veggies I make. They have to try them if they have never had them or they have to have 2 if they don’t like them! Nevertheless, it always means more for me and some for lunch the next day!


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